ClickFunnels Legit? How To Find Out For Yourself

Many entrepreneurs are excited about growing their business with ClickFunnels. At the same time, there have been people who have paid for the service and not received results. Does that mean ClickFunnels is not legit? Far from it. From my perspective, the starting point to ClickFunnels’s legitimacy and value comes down to Russell Brunson

Who Is Behind ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels co-founder and Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson is the genius behind the Internet’s most effective marketing software. Brunson learned the ropes of Internet marketing and direct response directly from experts like Dan Kennedy. Brunson has also created successful businesses in the training industry, in the supplements industry and beyond.

Brunson is also the author of two excellent marketing books. In “Dot Com Secrets,” you will learn how to create funnels and rapidly grow a business. In fact, I have arranged for you to receive a free copy of “Dot Com Secrets” – you just have to pay for shipping. Also, Brunson is also the author of “Expert Secrets,” a book that walks you through the process of becoming a thought leader.

Why Does ClickFunnels Work?

When you wonder if ClickFunnels is legit, you’re asking “will it work for me?” The short answer is yes! The longer answer is that ClickFunnels works for three essential reasons: automation, marketing fundamentals, and world-class training. Let’s unpack each reason.

ClickFunnels Is Legit! – Become More Productive With Automation

In the past, automation was all about production – using robots to build cars and so far. That’s helpful, but that kind of automation did nothing to bring in new orders. By guiding customers through a series of steps, ClickFunnels takes the guesswork out of sales and marketing. You know that every customer will receive the same offer, the same upsell and so on. Best of all, you can add A/B testing into the process and improve your results even further.

Some Internet marketers focus on likes, followers, and clicks but none of that matter if you do not receive more revenue. That’s where ClickFunnels shines through. It is based on proven direct marketing principles – like order bumps and getting a response on each page. Instead of promoting a brand image and hoping for the best, the ClickFunnels approach always emphasizes getting a response from the customer. These marketing principles are used by successful businesses around the world. Until now, you had to be an outstanding copywriter to use direct marketing effectively. ClickFunnels has leveled the playing field.

What if you are new to using Internet marketing? Don’t worry – we all start somewhere. Unlike some other marketing software platforms, ClickFunnels stands out by offering top-notch marketing training. For example, if you sell high priced products and services, you can use Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script (tip: you can get the Perfect Webinar Script for free by clicking here). This presentation format has delivered millions of dollars in revenue. These training services and products mean you can sign up for ClickFunnels as a marketing beginner and achieve results.

ClickFunnels Legit: The One Limitation To Keep In Mind

While I view ClickFunnels as a powerful marketing tool, there is one limitation to keep in mind. If you do not have a product or service that people want to buy, ClickFunnels cannot solve that problem for you. That’s why ClickFunnels co-founder regularly suggests reverse engineering the marketing methods used by competing companies. If you cannot find competing companies, you are in for an uphill battle. However, if you have a handful of happy customers and clients, you can start to scale up much faster by using ClickFunnels.

Tip: If you have a single product you sell, growing your business will be difficult. You need a way to offer more related products to your market. That was one of the great realizations I picked up from reading “Dot Com Secrets.” You can earn more money from your customer base if you can offer higher price, higher value products. To learn more about this concept, click here to receive your free copy of “Dot Com Secrets.”

The Only Way To Tell If ClickFunnels Is Right For You

Up to this point, we’ve focused on ClickFunnels as a software product and the great people behind it. That may not be enough for you to determine if ClickFunnels is legit FOR YOU. To answer that question, you have to dive in and start using the product. In fact, you can use ClickFunnels completely free for two weeks! That’s plenty of time to create a few funnels and start to see results. To start your free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels, sign up by clicking here.

ClickFunnels How It Works: What You Need To Know About The Platform

Clickfunnels how it works

You’ve heard about how ClickFunnels can grow your business, but some of the details just are not clear. Don’t worry – you will find the answers here. We’ll start with the technology beyond ClickFunnels. Next, we will look at the marketing concepts that drive success.

ClickFunnels: How It Works – Technology

ClickFunnels is a marketing technology platform that guides prospects and customers through a predesigned series of steps – a funnel. As an online web-based service, there is nothing to download. You don’t have to worry about updates either – the ClickFunnels team handles all of that.

To explain how ClickFunnels works, let’s take the perspective of a potential customer who goes through your funnel.

1) Jane sees a Facebook ad offering your ebook for free, and she clicks to get further information.

2) Jane arrives at your ClickFunnels landing page. This unique website is designed to focus her attention on joining your email list. As a reward for signing up, Jane will receive your book.

Here is an example of a highly successful ClickFunnels landing page created for ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. This landing page offers a free copy of his book “Dot Com Secrets” (you just need to cover the cost of shipping):

Tip: You can still get a free copy of “Dot Com Secrets”! It’s the best marketing book I’ve read in years. Click here to receive your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

3) Jane signs up for the free book and enters her information.

4) After submitting her information, Jane is automatically taken to a “thank you page.” This thank you page includes a thank you video and offers her the opportunity to buy a checklist to help put the book’s ideas into action faster.

What if Jane decides not to buy right away? Don’t worry ClickFunnels has excellent tools to send reminders and follow up by email. This email follow up capability is far better than Aweber and other email marketing tools for two reasons. First, you have great templates you can use to design your emails. Second, the email follow up feature is in the same place as landing pages. That means you never miss a step.

ClickFunnels: How It Works – The Marketing

If you’re like me, the most exciting aspect of ClickFunnels how it works is more about marketing principles than technology. Here are some of the tried and tested marketing principles that make ClickFunnels work:

  • Direct Response. From the ground up, ClickFunnels is designed around the concept of direct response marketing. That means – marketing designed to get YOU to take an action. That action might be “Buy The Product” or something else like “Join my Email List.”
  • Funnels (One Decision At A Time). There’s an old saying in sales – the confused mind does not buy. With ClickFunnels, your prospects are unlikely to be confused because there are only presented with one offer at a time. In contrast, some large e-commerce websites present dozens of options at each stage.
  • Once you have a buyer on your hands, they are probably interested in buying more from you. ClickFunnels makes it easy to offer related products
  • What should you do if a customer refuses to buy your $100 product? Some business owners might give up. There’s a better way! You need to offer a “downsell” – a lower priced alternative. ClickFunnels makes it easy to offer downsell offers automatically to your customers.
  • Online Marketing Education From Successful Marketers. Some marketing software companies offer training on how to use their product. There’s just one problem – they only provide technical training on how to use their website. That isn’t enough! With ClickFunnels, you get excellent MARKETING training. For example, there is an entire set of products to help you sell effectively using webinars (find out how to do that too – The Perfect Webinar). You can also sign up for coaching and 1-on-1 support to help you sell better.

With the best marketing education and automation tools on the market, you can grow your business fast. In fact, there is a whole club of people who have earned millions of dollars using ClickFunnels. It is called the Two Comma Club. Who knows you might join that elite marketing group in the future!

How ClickFunnels How It Works For You

ClickFunnels produces results because it automates the marketing process and it is built on fundamental marketing principles. The more important question? How can you make ClickFunnels work for you?

The only way to find out is to sign up for a free trial of ClickFunnels. The best part? There is a tremendous ClickFunnels game available for free when you join. This free training game takes you by the hand and shows you how to set up your first sales funnel.

If you want the “big picture” on why ClickFunnels works, I recommend getting your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

ClickFunnels order bump: A Fast Way To Boost Revenue

ClickFunnels Order Bump

What difference does a ClickFunnels order bump make to your bottom line? It’s one of the easiest ways to add revenue. The technique originated in direct mail, and it has moved to the Internet. In brief, a customer is ready to buy your primary product, and you add the option to buy a related product – usually lower in price than the main product – on the order form or check out page.

You might be unclear about how a ClickFunnels order bump works. Don’t worry – let’s take a look at a simple example to clarify the concept.

How Used Order Bumps On Me!

When I signed up for my ClickFunnels account, there was an “order bump.” In my case, there was an offer to buy a three-hour video training video directly from Russell Brunson. In my case, it was partially a review of “Dot Com Secrets,” but I liked the opportunity to review the material. In this specific situation, it was a brilliant move.

Why? Well, this ClickFunnels order bump related to signing up for a free trial of their software. Without the order bump, they would not have earned any revenue from me that day. With the order bump, ClickFunnels achieved a critical change: moving me from interested prospect to customer.

Resource: If you haven’t read “Dot Com Secrets” yet, you don’t know what you are missing! It equips you with the strategies and tactics you need to win in online marketing. Get your free copy of Dot Com Secrets here.

How To Use The ClickFunnels Order Bump In Your Funnels

There are two aspects to using ClickFunnels order bumps to grow your business: marketing and implementation. The marketing aspect needs to come first – coming up with the offer, price, and copy of the order bump. The technical execution on the ClickFunnels platform is smooth once you have this point arranged.

Here are a few best practices to use the ClickFunnels order bump successfully in your funnels:

  • Review your main offer. An order bump is a supplemental offer. It works the best when you are building on a successful primary product. In the case of software like ClickFunnels, the order bump may be a digital training product.
  • Support the main offer. Your order bump should logically relate to the main product you sell. If you sell a coaching program, an order bump might be a workbook or set of checklists to help you achieve results faster.
  • Model other successful order bumps. At McDonald’s, the “order bump” would be something like “do you want fries with that?” At Starbucks, an order bump might be to offer a breakfast item when you order a morning coffee. Some estimates suggest these upsells have added billions of dollars in revenue to the bottom line.
  • Start small. As a rule of thumb, I suggest keeping your order bumps priced at $50 or less. You can always increase the price later.
  • Test your Order Bump With Prospects. It is time to expose your order bump with real live prospects. I suggest changing your funnel for a week to add in the order bump and then comparing the results to the pre-order bump situation.
  • Experiment With Different Order Bumps. If you get orders with the order bump, congratulations! Now you can experiment with pricing and add additional upsells. If you received no orders on the bump, I suggest reviewing the copy. Specifically, ask yourself whether or not the order bump truly adds value to the main

Now that you have some ideas on how to design a ClickFunnels order bump let’s take a step back. Why exactly does this technique work in some many different markets?

Why Do ClickFunnels Order Bumps Work?

An order bump is simply an elegant way to present upsells.

Psychologically, order bumps leverage the fact that your customer is already in buying state. Your main offer has already convinced a customer to pull out their credit card and buy. Think back to the last time you were at a restaurant. If you have already spent $100 for dinner at a restaurant, how hard does the waiter have to work to sell you on coffee and desserts? Usually, that is an easy sale.

ClickFunnels makes order bumps easier to develop and sale because they take care of the design and technical details. That makes a huge difference! Instead of wasting time checking whether or not the order page works, you can use a premade ClickFunnels design. That means you can focus your energy on coming up with new order bump ideas.

How To Harness The Power of ClickFunnels Order Bumps For Your Business

To make ClickFunnels order bumps work for your business, you need a ClickFunnels account. Sign up for your free 14-day ClickFunnels account here.

ClickFunnels Podcast: The Busy Person’s Way To Learn ClickFunnels And Make Money Faster

Downloading the ClickFunnels podcast is an excellent way to grow your knowledge base. Unlike ClickFunnels training videos, podcasts provide inspiration and instruction. If you created a funnel and it didn’t work out, you might feel like giving up. That’s where an inspiring ClickFunnels podcast episode can save the day.

Now, here’s the good news. There are multiple ClickFunnels podcasts! Let’s break down the options and help you choose the right podcast for you.

1) Marketing In Your Car (The Original ClickFunnels Podcast)

Hosted by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, this ClickFunnels podcast is where it all started. While the podcast series ended in 2017, there is tremendous value to be gained from listening to the podcast. First, you will be learning about the inside story on how Russell Brunson built ClickFunnels day by day. You will also learn about the marketing strategies he uses to create successful funnels. Here are some of the best episodes:

Recommended Episodes:

  • No More Being A Jack-Of-All-Trades. Find out why specialization as “the Funnel Guy” transformed Russell’s career. Being pigeonholed as a specialist is good for business!
  • How Direct Response Can Improve Your Daily Life. Direct response marketing is the best, most effective form of marketing in the world. What if there was a way for this powerful technique to make every day life better? Brunson explains how in this episode.
  • One Hack I Use To Get Painful Projects Done. Is your project list intimidating you? You might have ideas for new products, marketing campaigns or even personal projects. Some projects are unsexy (doing your taxes) but important. Find out how Russell gets crap done that he doesn’t want to do.

The Best Way To Get Started With Marketing In Your Car

You can get the first 257 episodes of Marketing Secrets shipped directly to you for free on an MP3 player. To receive it, click here to receive your free copy of Marketing Secrets In Your Car (you only need to pay a small amount of shipping). It’s the best way to listen to the series.

2) Marketing Secrets

The successor to Marketing In Your Car, this ClickFunnels podcast is currently in production. If you want to continue learning the ClickFunnels story, you can find it on this podcast. For example, one podcast explored how ClickFunnels has set up an internal agency to help it grow. Perhaps that trend will take off at other software companies.

Recommended Episodes:

  • 5 Sexy Secrets to Creating a Presentation That Wins 100% of the Time. You might have heard that public speaking skills are helpful to your career and business. I’ve heard that advice as well but wondered how it translates to business results. In this ClickFunnels podcast episode, Brunson explains his public speaking approach that creates sales every time.
  • The 12 Questions Everyone Keeps Asking About Selling $3,000,000 in 90 Minutes. In a recent presentation, Brunson made millions of dollars in less than two hours. How do you do that? In this exclusive podcast episode, you will learn about Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script (AFFILIATE LINK) and other techniques he uses. If you want to sell from stage or sell on webinars, this podcast is for you.

3) Funnel Hacker Radio

Curious to see who else is having success with ClickFunnels in addition to Russell Brunson? Hosted by David Woodward, this ClickFunnels podcast features special guests and occasional solo episodes from the host. You can learn how to use technology like Zapier to increase your productivity. You can also learn about the success strategies of successful ClickFunnels affiliates.

Funnel Hacker Radio was the first ClickFunnels podcast I found. It has a special place as a result. Here are some of the recommended episodes I suggest you explore next:

Where To Get Started In Your ClickFunnels Podcast Journey?

As you dive into the world of ClickFunnels podcasts, there is one place that I recommend to start. Start with Marketing In Your Car with Russell Brunson. These short episodes are the foundation for everything else you need to know. Remember, you can get a MP3 player with the first 257 episodes shipped directly to you! Get your free copy of Marketing In Your Car here.


Which ClickFunnels training videos Should You Use?

ClickFunnels training videos are an excellent way to learn your way around this powerful marketing tool. However, it is important to choose the right training videos to match your skill level and goals. Think of it like this. If you were a novice in a foreign language, signing up for an advanced class would be a waste of time. The same principle applies to using ClickFunnels Training Videos.

1) ClickFunnels Training Videos: Step By Step For The Beginner

You just signed up for a ClickFunnels account. Great! Now how do you get results without getting overwhelmed with all the options?

The answer is to use to ClickFunnels training game. It is right inside your account, and it guides you through each step of the process. This set of training videos are unique for two reasons. First, you have short videos directly from ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. Second, if you follow the steps, you will finish with a fully complete sales funnel.

How To Get These ClickFunnels Training Videos:

1) Log Into Your ClickFunnels Account

2) Start The ClickFunnels Game

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like –

2) Funnel Fridays: See A Successful Funnel Built In Less Than Thirty Minutes

Once you complete the introductory ClickFunnels training videos, what should you look into next? In my opinion, Funnel Fridays are your best bet. What if you could sit next to Russel Brunson, one of the world’s best marketers and learn directly from him for half an hour? Even better, you can pause and rewind the video so that you never miss a step.

Available on YouTube, Funnel Fridays are a great intermediate ClickFunnels training videos resource. Here are examples of what you can learn from this series:

Tip: Don’t see your specific industry featured on Funnel Fridays? It’s time to think creatively! Of course, that is easy when you understand the principles behind funnels. Get a free copy of Dot Com Secrets to learn the fundamental principles that lie behind successful online marketing and funnels.

3)  ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp

Some of you might be interested in promoting ClickFunnels to other marketers? In that case, you might ask “which ClickFunnels training videos should I use to achieve success as an affiliate?” I recommend starting with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp.

Run directly by ClickFunnels; this program is built around an exciting challenge – retire in 100 days! By applying the training videos, you can attract 100, 200 or even more ClickFunnels affiliates. If you do that, ClickFunnels will be paying you thousands of dollars per month in commissions. Depending on your circumstances, that might be enough money to retire from your day job.

The best part about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp? It covers both how to use the ClickFunnels platform itself. Building on that background knowledge, you will

With the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp, you will learn how to:

  • How to use automatic emails to follow up with prospects
  • The fundamentals of designing successful Facebook ads
  • The way to skyrocket your growth through networking (it involves using the Dream 100 method).
  • Step by step instructions on how to use the ClickFunnels platform to retire in 100 days.
  • A gradual approach to training, so you do not become overwhelmed – just one video per day.

For the best results, I recommend that you start with a free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels first. After all, it is going to be tough to promote the product if you do not understand it yourself.

Your Next Two Steps To Make ClickFunnels Work For You

You have learned about three different ways to get free ClickFunnels training videos. While training videos are helpful, they will not create results on their own. In my experience, there are two problems that hold people back from success on ClickFunnels: they don’t have a ClickFunnels account, or they lack fundamental marketing knowledge.

To help you out with those challenges, here are your next steps:

1) Get your Free Copy of “Dot Com Secrets” by Russell Brunson

I read the book in March 2018, and it completely changed how I look at marketing. In fact, I have started listening to the audiobook version as well. It’s pure marketing gold. It works well with all the ClickFunnels training videos we have covered in this article. Click here to receive your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

2) Sign Up For A Free ClickFunnels Account

Here’s the harsh truth. Watching ClickFunnels training videos all day will not help you much unless you have the software itself. Get started now today by signing up for a free trial of ClickFunnels for 14 days. Remember: it comes with the free ClickFunnels game that includes videos from Russell Brunson and step by step instructions on how to set up your first funnel.

ClickFunnels vs WordPress: Which Should You Use To Grow Your Business?

clickfunnels vs wordpress: Get the Answers You Need

ClickFunnels vs WordPress – that’s the dilemma that ambitious business owners face. For years, WordPress has been the default choice to build websites online. I’ve used the platform on multiple websites, and it has been helpful. In early 2018, I discovered Russell Brunson’s books and ClickFunnels. Reading his books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets opened my eyes to new ways to market and grew my business. Before we go much further, let’s compare the pros and cons of these different online platforms.

ClickFunnels vs WordPress: WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress powers millions of online websites and it is supported by a vast number of consultants. It is also highly customizable – with the right expertise, you can make WordPress do almost anything. As I see it, here are the main pros of using WordPress:

  • Built for blogging. If you want to run a blog for your business, WordPress is a good choice.
  • Technical flexibility. There are hundreds if not thousands of plugins you can use to control WordPress.
  • Wide Variety of Pricing Options. If you are on a tight budget, you can start a free WordPress blog. If you are serious about running a business, many web host companies like BlueHost and GoDaddy make it easy to install WordPress on your domain.

So what are the drawbacks to using WordPress to grow your business?

  • Weak support for lead Do you want your website to generate new leads? WordPress, on its own, is not well suited to gather and convert leads for your business. To gain that functionality, you have to install and manage a variety of third-party services.
  • Difficult to implement upsells. Remember how McDonald’s uses the phrase “Do you want fries with that?” That’s called upselling, and it creates tremendous wealth. If you sell products through WordPress, it is tough to develop upsells on the WordPress platform.
  • No marketing training or guidance. Since millions of businesses and people use WordPress, WordPress’s documentation tends to be technical. Sure, it is helpful to know how to change the backend details of WordPress if you like to tinker. However, that will not do much to improve your business. Most business owners need marketing advice and training much more than they need technical documents.

If you are serious about growing your business quickly, ClickFunnels is an excellent choice. Let’s take a closer look next.

Introducing ClickFunnels

Unlike WordPress and other marketing tools, ClickFunnels is focused on generating leads and making sales. Before we go any further, you might wonder “what is a funnel anyway?”

It is a step by step guided process that marketers have used for decades to generate leads and sell products. Here is one simple sales funnel in steps:

  1. Landing Page. A website visitor lands in a landing page offering a free video case study. To receive the resource, the visitor has to provide their email address. This landing page has only one focus – to convert website visitors to email subscribers.
  2. Deliver The Video Case Study & Thank You Page. Moments later, the prospect receives an email with the link to the video. They are also automatically sent to a thank you web page that congratulates them for signing up.
  3. Email Follow Up For The Sale. In the next few days, a series of follow up emails are automatically sent to the prospect providing further information about the video. Also, the prospect will receive an offer to buy services or products to help them achieve the same results.

The best part? The above steps are all automated in ClickFunnels! You can use premade graphics, layouts and more to get more customers.

Clickfunnels vs WordPress: What Are The Advantages of ClickFunnels?

Here are some of the main advantages of using ClickFunnels to grow your business.

  • Made For Marketing Results. Unlike WordPress which can be used for nearly anything online, ClickFunnels is directly focused on delivering leads and customers.
  • Track Record of Success. ClickFunnels software is responsible for creating dozens of millionaires. ClickFunnels is run by Russel Brunson, author of the classic marketing book Dot Com Secrets. Brunson is a marketing genius who knows how to generate results quickly without VC money.
  • You Can Scale Up Your Business Fast. By leveraging your network and other forms of traffic, you can make major sales fast with ClickFunnels. With WordPress, you never really know if you are making any sales and it is tough to grow.
  • Top Notch Marketing Training To Guide You. This is the “secret sauce” that makes ClickFunnels special. There are specialized easy to understand marketing techniques and training resources that show how to get results. For example, you can get books, audio books, online videos and coaching to help you grow faster. WordPress doesn’t offer anything like that. For example, if you sell products and services over $1,000, you need to get the Perfect Webinar Script. It’s a proven method to sell high ticket products and services.

Since ClickFunnels is such a powerful business tool, there are a few issues to keep in mind.

  • Learning ClickFunnels. It does take some time to learn how to use ClickFunnels. Fortunately, the process is easy – you can play a free game that gives you rewards as you go through each part of setting up your funnel. If you want faster results, you can work with a ClickFunnels consultant.
  • Monthly Fee. Using ClickFunnels requires that you pay a monthly fee that starts at $97 per month. Just think if you could make a few more sales this month with ClickFunnels – you can easily make back that investment.
  • You Still Need Traffic. Without a doubt, ClickFunnels is fantastic marketing software. It is proven to work in numerous industries including B2B, software sales, coaching, consultant, and e-commerce. However, the software will not deliver traffic. Don’t worry though. You can use ClickFunnels training to find out how to get traffic fast.

Your Next Step To Sign Up With ClickFunnels

Are you interested to add ClickFunnels to your marketing arsenal? The next step is to sign up for a free 14 day trial by clicking here. Want step by step guidance and training first? Sign up for the funnel hacks web class.