ClickFunnels How It Works: What You Need To Know About The Platform

Clickfunnels how it works

You’ve heard about how ClickFunnels can grow your business, but some of the details just are not clear. Don’t worry – you will find the answers here. We’ll start with the technology beyond ClickFunnels. Next, we will look at the marketing concepts that drive success.

ClickFunnels: How It Works – Technology

ClickFunnels is a marketing technology platform that guides prospects and customers through a predesigned series of steps – a funnel. As an online web-based service, there is nothing to download. You don’t have to worry about updates either – the ClickFunnels team handles all of that.

To explain how ClickFunnels works, let’s take the perspective of a potential customer who goes through your funnel.

1) Jane sees a Facebook ad offering your ebook for free, and she clicks to get further information.

2) Jane arrives at your ClickFunnels landing page. This unique website is designed to focus her attention on joining your email list. As a reward for signing up, Jane will receive your book.

Here is an example of a highly successful ClickFunnels landing page created for ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. This landing page offers a free copy of his book “Dot Com Secrets” (you just need to cover the cost of shipping):

Tip: You can still get a free copy of “Dot Com Secrets”! It’s the best marketing book I’ve read in years. Click here to receive your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

3) Jane signs up for the free book and enters her information.

4) After submitting her information, Jane is automatically taken to a “thank you page.” This thank you page includes a thank you video and offers her the opportunity to buy a checklist to help put the book’s ideas into action faster.

What if Jane decides not to buy right away? Don’t worry ClickFunnels has excellent tools to send reminders and follow up by email. This email follow up capability is far better than Aweber and other email marketing tools for two reasons. First, you have great templates you can use to design your emails. Second, the email follow up feature is in the same place as landing pages. That means you never miss a step.

ClickFunnels: How It Works – The Marketing

If you’re like me, the most exciting aspect of ClickFunnels how it works is more about marketing principles than technology. Here are some of the tried and tested marketing principles that make ClickFunnels work:

  • Direct Response. From the ground up, ClickFunnels is designed around the concept of direct response marketing. That means – marketing designed to get YOU to take an action. That action might be “Buy The Product” or something else like “Join my Email List.”
  • Funnels (One Decision At A Time). There’s an old saying in sales – the confused mind does not buy. With ClickFunnels, your prospects are unlikely to be confused because there are only presented with one offer at a time. In contrast, some large e-commerce websites present dozens of options at each stage.
  • Once you have a buyer on your hands, they are probably interested in buying more from you. ClickFunnels makes it easy to offer related products
  • What should you do if a customer refuses to buy your $100 product? Some business owners might give up. There’s a better way! You need to offer a “downsell” – a lower priced alternative. ClickFunnels makes it easy to offer downsell offers automatically to your customers.
  • Online Marketing Education From Successful Marketers. Some marketing software companies offer training on how to use their product. There’s just one problem – they only provide technical training on how to use their website. That isn’t enough! With ClickFunnels, you get excellent MARKETING training. For example, there is an entire set of products to help you sell effectively using webinars (find out how to do that too – The Perfect Webinar). You can also sign up for coaching and 1-on-1 support to help you sell better.

With the best marketing education and automation tools on the market, you can grow your business fast. In fact, there is a whole club of people who have earned millions of dollars using ClickFunnels. It is called the Two Comma Club. Who knows you might join that elite marketing group in the future!

How ClickFunnels How It Works For You

ClickFunnels produces results because it automates the marketing process and it is built on fundamental marketing principles. The more important question? How can you make ClickFunnels work for you?

The only way to find out is to sign up for a free trial of ClickFunnels. The best part? There is a tremendous ClickFunnels game available for free when you join. This free training game takes you by the hand and shows you how to set up your first sales funnel.

If you want the “big picture” on why ClickFunnels works, I recommend getting your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

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