ClickFunnels Legit? How To Find Out For Yourself

Many entrepreneurs are excited about growing their business with ClickFunnels. At the same time, there have been people who have paid for the service and not received results. Does that mean ClickFunnels is not legit? Far from it. From my perspective, the starting point to ClickFunnels’s legitimacy and value comes down to Russell Brunson

Who Is Behind ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels co-founder and Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson is the genius behind the Internet’s most effective marketing software. Brunson learned the ropes of Internet marketing and direct response directly from experts like Dan Kennedy. Brunson has also created successful businesses in the training industry, in the supplements industry and beyond.

Brunson is also the author of two excellent marketing books. In “Dot Com Secrets,” you will learn how to create funnels and rapidly grow a business. In fact, I have arranged for you to receive a free copy of “Dot Com Secrets” – you just have to pay for shipping. Also, Brunson is also the author of “Expert Secrets,” a book that walks you through the process of becoming a thought leader.

Why Does ClickFunnels Work?

When you wonder if ClickFunnels is legit, you’re asking “will it work for me?” The short answer is yes! The longer answer is that ClickFunnels works for three essential reasons: automation, marketing fundamentals, and world-class training. Let’s unpack each reason.

ClickFunnels Is Legit! – Become More Productive With Automation

In the past, automation was all about production – using robots to build cars and so far. That’s helpful, but that kind of automation did nothing to bring in new orders. By guiding customers through a series of steps, ClickFunnels takes the guesswork out of sales and marketing. You know that every customer will receive the same offer, the same upsell and so on. Best of all, you can add A/B testing into the process and improve your results even further.

Some Internet marketers focus on likes, followers, and clicks but none of that matter if you do not receive more revenue. That’s where ClickFunnels shines through. It is based on proven direct marketing principles – like order bumps and getting a response on each page. Instead of promoting a brand image and hoping for the best, the ClickFunnels approach always emphasizes getting a response from the customer. These marketing principles are used by successful businesses around the world. Until now, you had to be an outstanding copywriter to use direct marketing effectively. ClickFunnels has leveled the playing field.

What if you are new to using Internet marketing? Don’t worry – we all start somewhere. Unlike some other marketing software platforms, ClickFunnels stands out by offering top-notch marketing training. For example, if you sell high priced products and services, you can use Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script (tip: you can get the Perfect Webinar Script for free by clicking here). This presentation format has delivered millions of dollars in revenue. These training services and products mean you can sign up for ClickFunnels as a marketing beginner and achieve results.

ClickFunnels Legit: The One Limitation To Keep In Mind

While I view ClickFunnels as a powerful marketing tool, there is one limitation to keep in mind. If you do not have a product or service that people want to buy, ClickFunnels cannot solve that problem for you. That’s why ClickFunnels co-founder regularly suggests reverse engineering the marketing methods used by competing companies. If you cannot find competing companies, you are in for an uphill battle. However, if you have a handful of happy customers and clients, you can start to scale up much faster by using ClickFunnels.

Tip: If you have a single product you sell, growing your business will be difficult. You need a way to offer more related products to your market. That was one of the great realizations I picked up from reading “Dot Com Secrets.” You can earn more money from your customer base if you can offer higher price, higher value products. To learn more about this concept, click here to receive your free copy of “Dot Com Secrets.”

The Only Way To Tell If ClickFunnels Is Right For You

Up to this point, we’ve focused on ClickFunnels as a software product and the great people behind it. That may not be enough for you to determine if ClickFunnels is legit FOR YOU. To answer that question, you have to dive in and start using the product. In fact, you can use ClickFunnels completely free for two weeks! That’s plenty of time to create a few funnels and start to see results. To start your free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels, sign up by clicking here.

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