ClickFunnels order bump: A Fast Way To Boost Revenue

ClickFunnels Order Bump

What difference does a ClickFunnels order bump make to your bottom line? It’s one of the easiest ways to add revenue. The technique originated in direct mail, and it has moved to the Internet. In brief, a customer is ready to buy your primary product, and you add the option to buy a related product – usually lower in price than the main product – on the order form or check out page.

You might be unclear about how a ClickFunnels order bump works. Don’t worry – let’s take a look at a simple example to clarify the concept.

How Used Order Bumps On Me!

When I signed up for my ClickFunnels account, there was an “order bump.” In my case, there was an offer to buy a three-hour video training video directly from Russell Brunson. In my case, it was partially a review of “Dot Com Secrets,” but I liked the opportunity to review the material. In this specific situation, it was a brilliant move.

Why? Well, this ClickFunnels order bump related to signing up for a free trial of their software. Without the order bump, they would not have earned any revenue from me that day. With the order bump, ClickFunnels achieved a critical change: moving me from interested prospect to customer.

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How To Use The ClickFunnels Order Bump In Your Funnels

There are two aspects to using ClickFunnels order bumps to grow your business: marketing and implementation. The marketing aspect needs to come first – coming up with the offer, price, and copy of the order bump. The technical execution on the ClickFunnels platform is smooth once you have this point arranged.

Here are a few best practices to use the ClickFunnels order bump successfully in your funnels:

  • Review your main offer. An order bump is a supplemental offer. It works the best when you are building on a successful primary product. In the case of software like ClickFunnels, the order bump may be a digital training product.
  • Support the main offer. Your order bump should logically relate to the main product you sell. If you sell a coaching program, an order bump might be a workbook or set of checklists to help you achieve results faster.
  • Model other successful order bumps. At McDonald’s, the “order bump” would be something like “do you want fries with that?” At Starbucks, an order bump might be to offer a breakfast item when you order a morning coffee. Some estimates suggest these upsells have added billions of dollars in revenue to the bottom line.
  • Start small. As a rule of thumb, I suggest keeping your order bumps priced at $50 or less. You can always increase the price later.
  • Test your Order Bump With Prospects. It is time to expose your order bump with real live prospects. I suggest changing your funnel for a week to add in the order bump and then comparing the results to the pre-order bump situation.
  • Experiment With Different Order Bumps. If you get orders with the order bump, congratulations! Now you can experiment with pricing and add additional upsells. If you received no orders on the bump, I suggest reviewing the copy. Specifically, ask yourself whether or not the order bump truly adds value to the main

Now that you have some ideas on how to design a ClickFunnels order bump let’s take a step back. Why exactly does this technique work in some many different markets?

Why Do ClickFunnels Order Bumps Work?

An order bump is simply an elegant way to present upsells.

Psychologically, order bumps leverage the fact that your customer is already in buying state. Your main offer has already convinced a customer to pull out their credit card and buy. Think back to the last time you were at a restaurant. If you have already spent $100 for dinner at a restaurant, how hard does the waiter have to work to sell you on coffee and desserts? Usually, that is an easy sale.

ClickFunnels makes order bumps easier to develop and sale because they take care of the design and technical details. That makes a huge difference! Instead of wasting time checking whether or not the order page works, you can use a premade ClickFunnels design. That means you can focus your energy on coming up with new order bump ideas.

How To Harness The Power of ClickFunnels Order Bumps For Your Business

To make ClickFunnels order bumps work for your business, you need a ClickFunnels account. Sign up for your free 14-day ClickFunnels account here.

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