ClickFunnels Podcast: The Busy Person’s Way To Learn ClickFunnels And Make Money Faster

Downloading the ClickFunnels podcast is an excellent way to grow your knowledge base. Unlike ClickFunnels training videos, podcasts provide inspiration and instruction. If you created a funnel and it didn’t work out, you might feel like giving up. That’s where an inspiring ClickFunnels podcast episode can save the day.

Now, here’s the good news. There are multiple ClickFunnels podcasts! Let’s break down the options and help you choose the right podcast for you.

1) Marketing In Your Car (The Original ClickFunnels Podcast)

Hosted by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, this ClickFunnels podcast is where it all started. While the podcast series ended in 2017, there is tremendous value to be gained from listening to the podcast. First, you will be learning about the inside story on how Russell Brunson built ClickFunnels day by day. You will also learn about the marketing strategies he uses to create successful funnels. Here are some of the best episodes:

Recommended Episodes:

  • No More Being A Jack-Of-All-Trades. Find out why specialization as “the Funnel Guy” transformed Russell’s career. Being pigeonholed as a specialist is good for business!
  • How Direct Response Can Improve Your Daily Life. Direct response marketing is the best, most effective form of marketing in the world. What if there was a way for this powerful technique to make every day life better? Brunson explains how in this episode.
  • One Hack I Use To Get Painful Projects Done. Is your project list intimidating you? You might have ideas for new products, marketing campaigns or even personal projects. Some projects are unsexy (doing your taxes) but important. Find out how Russell gets crap done that he doesn’t want to do.

The Best Way To Get Started With Marketing In Your Car

You can get the first 257 episodes of Marketing Secrets shipped directly to you for free on an MP3 player. To receive it, click here to receive your free copy of Marketing Secrets In Your Car (you only need to pay a small amount of shipping). It’s the best way to listen to the series.

2) Marketing Secrets

The successor to Marketing In Your Car, this ClickFunnels podcast is currently in production. If you want to continue learning the ClickFunnels story, you can find it on this podcast. For example, one podcast explored how ClickFunnels has set up an internal agency to help it grow. Perhaps that trend will take off at other software companies.

Recommended Episodes:

  • 5 Sexy Secrets to Creating a Presentation That Wins 100% of the Time. You might have heard that public speaking skills are helpful to your career and business. I’ve heard that advice as well but wondered how it translates to business results. In this ClickFunnels podcast episode, Brunson explains his public speaking approach that creates sales every time.
  • The 12 Questions Everyone Keeps Asking About Selling $3,000,000 in 90 Minutes. In a recent presentation, Brunson made millions of dollars in less than two hours. How do you do that? In this exclusive podcast episode, you will learn about Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script (AFFILIATE LINK) and other techniques he uses. If you want to sell from stage or sell on webinars, this podcast is for you.

3) Funnel Hacker Radio

Curious to see who else is having success with ClickFunnels in addition to Russell Brunson? Hosted by David Woodward, this ClickFunnels podcast features special guests and occasional solo episodes from the host. You can learn how to use technology like Zapier to increase your productivity. You can also learn about the success strategies of successful ClickFunnels affiliates.

Funnel Hacker Radio was the first ClickFunnels podcast I found. It has a special place as a result. Here are some of the recommended episodes I suggest you explore next:

Where To Get Started In Your ClickFunnels Podcast Journey?

As you dive into the world of ClickFunnels podcasts, there is one place that I recommend to start. Start with Marketing In Your Car with Russell Brunson. These short episodes are the foundation for everything else you need to know. Remember, you can get a MP3 player with the first 257 episodes shipped directly to you! Get your free copy of Marketing In Your Car here.


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