Which ClickFunnels training videos Should You Use?

ClickFunnels training videos are an excellent way to learn your way around this powerful marketing tool. However, it is important to choose the right training videos to match your skill level and goals. Think of it like this. If you were a novice in a foreign language, signing up for an advanced class would be a waste of time. The same principle applies to using ClickFunnels Training Videos.

1) ClickFunnels Training Videos: Step By Step For The Beginner

You just signed up for a ClickFunnels account. Great! Now how do you get results without getting overwhelmed with all the options?

The answer is to use to ClickFunnels training game. It is right inside your account, and it guides you through each step of the process. This set of training videos are unique for two reasons. First, you have short videos directly from ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. Second, if you follow the steps, you will finish with a fully complete sales funnel.

How To Get These ClickFunnels Training Videos:

1) Log Into Your ClickFunnels Account

2) Start The ClickFunnels Game

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like –

2) Funnel Fridays: See A Successful Funnel Built In Less Than Thirty Minutes

Once you complete the introductory ClickFunnels training videos, what should you look into next? In my opinion, Funnel Fridays are your best bet. What if you could sit next to Russel Brunson, one of the world’s best marketers and learn directly from him for half an hour? Even better, you can pause and rewind the video so that you never miss a step.

Available on YouTube, Funnel Fridays are a great intermediate ClickFunnels training videos resource. Here are examples of what you can learn from this series:

Tip: Don’t see your specific industry featured on Funnel Fridays? It’s time to think creatively! Of course, that is easy when you understand the principles behind funnels. Get a free copy of Dot Com Secrets to learn the fundamental principles that lie behind successful online marketing and funnels.

3)  ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp

Some of you might be interested in promoting ClickFunnels to other marketers? In that case, you might ask “which ClickFunnels training videos should I use to achieve success as an affiliate?” I recommend starting with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp.

Run directly by ClickFunnels; this program is built around an exciting challenge – retire in 100 days! By applying the training videos, you can attract 100, 200 or even more ClickFunnels affiliates. If you do that, ClickFunnels will be paying you thousands of dollars per month in commissions. Depending on your circumstances, that might be enough money to retire from your day job.

The best part about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp? It covers both how to use the ClickFunnels platform itself. Building on that background knowledge, you will

With the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp, you will learn how to:

  • How to use automatic emails to follow up with prospects
  • The fundamentals of designing successful Facebook ads
  • The way to skyrocket your growth through networking (it involves using the Dream 100 method).
  • Step by step instructions on how to use the ClickFunnels platform to retire in 100 days.
  • A gradual approach to training, so you do not become overwhelmed – just one video per day.

For the best results, I recommend that you start with a free 14 day trial of ClickFunnels first. After all, it is going to be tough to promote the product if you do not understand it yourself.

Your Next Two Steps To Make ClickFunnels Work For You

You have learned about three different ways to get free ClickFunnels training videos. While training videos are helpful, they will not create results on their own. In my experience, there are two problems that hold people back from success on ClickFunnels: they don’t have a ClickFunnels account, or they lack fundamental marketing knowledge.

To help you out with those challenges, here are your next steps:

1) Get your Free Copy of “Dot Com Secrets” by Russell Brunson

I read the book in March 2018, and it completely changed how I look at marketing. In fact, I have started listening to the audiobook version as well. It’s pure marketing gold. It works well with all the ClickFunnels training videos we have covered in this article. Click here to receive your free copy of Dot Com Secrets.

2) Sign Up For A Free ClickFunnels Account

Here’s the harsh truth. Watching ClickFunnels training videos all day will not help you much unless you have the software itself. Get started now today by signing up for a free trial of ClickFunnels for 14 days. Remember: it comes with the free ClickFunnels game that includes videos from Russell Brunson and step by step instructions on how to set up your first funnel.

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