ClickFunnels vs WordPress: Which Should You Use To Grow Your Business?

clickfunnels vs wordpress: Get the Answers You Need

ClickFunnels vs WordPress – that’s the dilemma that ambitious business owners face. For years, WordPress has been the default choice to build websites online. I’ve used the platform on multiple websites, and it has been helpful. In early 2018, I discovered Russell Brunson’s books and ClickFunnels. Reading his books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets opened my eyes to new ways to market and grew my business. Before we go much further, let’s compare the pros and cons of these different online platforms.

ClickFunnels vs WordPress: WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress powers millions of online websites and it is supported by a vast number of consultants. It is also highly customizable – with the right expertise, you can make WordPress do almost anything. As I see it, here are the main pros of using WordPress:

  • Built for blogging. If you want to run a blog for your business, WordPress is a good choice.
  • Technical flexibility. There are hundreds if not thousands of plugins you can use to control WordPress.
  • Wide Variety of Pricing Options. If you are on a tight budget, you can start a free WordPress blog. If you are serious about running a business, many web host companies like BlueHost and GoDaddy make it easy to install WordPress on your domain.

So what are the drawbacks to using WordPress to grow your business?

  • Weak support for lead Do you want your website to generate new leads? WordPress, on its own, is not well suited to gather and convert leads for your business. To gain that functionality, you have to install and manage a variety of third-party services.
  • Difficult to implement upsells. Remember how McDonald’s uses the phrase “Do you want fries with that?” That’s called upselling, and it creates tremendous wealth. If you sell products through WordPress, it is tough to develop upsells on the WordPress platform.
  • No marketing training or guidance. Since millions of businesses and people use WordPress, WordPress’s documentation tends to be technical. Sure, it is helpful to know how to change the backend details of WordPress if you like to tinker. However, that will not do much to improve your business. Most business owners need marketing advice and training much more than they need technical documents.

If you are serious about growing your business quickly, ClickFunnels is an excellent choice. Let’s take a closer look next.

Introducing ClickFunnels

Unlike WordPress and other marketing tools, ClickFunnels is focused on generating leads and making sales. Before we go any further, you might wonder “what is a funnel anyway?”

It is a step by step guided process that marketers have used for decades to generate leads and sell products. Here is one simple sales funnel in steps:

  1. Landing Page. A website visitor lands in a landing page offering a free video case study. To receive the resource, the visitor has to provide their email address. This landing page has only one focus – to convert website visitors to email subscribers.
  2. Deliver The Video Case Study & Thank You Page. Moments later, the prospect receives an email with the link to the video. They are also automatically sent to a thank you web page that congratulates them for signing up.
  3. Email Follow Up For The Sale. In the next few days, a series of follow up emails are automatically sent to the prospect providing further information about the video. Also, the prospect will receive an offer to buy services or products to help them achieve the same results.

The best part? The above steps are all automated in ClickFunnels! You can use premade graphics, layouts and more to get more customers.

Clickfunnels vs WordPress: What Are The Advantages of ClickFunnels?

Here are some of the main advantages of using ClickFunnels to grow your business.

  • Made For Marketing Results. Unlike WordPress which can be used for nearly anything online, ClickFunnels is directly focused on delivering leads and customers.
  • Track Record of Success. ClickFunnels software is responsible for creating dozens of millionaires. ClickFunnels is run by Russel Brunson, author of the classic marketing book Dot Com Secrets. Brunson is a marketing genius who knows how to generate results quickly without VC money.
  • You Can Scale Up Your Business Fast. By leveraging your network and other forms of traffic, you can make major sales fast with ClickFunnels. With WordPress, you never really know if you are making any sales and it is tough to grow.
  • Top Notch Marketing Training To Guide You. This is the “secret sauce” that makes ClickFunnels special. There are specialized easy to understand marketing techniques and training resources that show how to get results. For example, you can get books, audio books, online videos and coaching to help you grow faster. WordPress doesn’t offer anything like that. For example, if you sell products and services over $1,000, you need to get the Perfect Webinar Script. It’s a proven method to sell high ticket products and services.

Since ClickFunnels is such a powerful business tool, there are a few issues to keep in mind.

  • Learning ClickFunnels. It does take some time to learn how to use ClickFunnels. Fortunately, the process is easy – you can play a free game that gives you rewards as you go through each part of setting up your funnel. If you want faster results, you can work with a ClickFunnels consultant.
  • Monthly Fee. Using ClickFunnels requires that you pay a monthly fee that starts at $97 per month. Just think if you could make a few more sales this month with ClickFunnels – you can easily make back that investment.
  • You Still Need Traffic. Without a doubt, ClickFunnels is fantastic marketing software. It is proven to work in numerous industries including B2B, software sales, coaching, consultant, and e-commerce. However, the software will not deliver traffic. Don’t worry though. You can use ClickFunnels training to find out how to get traffic fast.

Your Next Step To Sign Up With ClickFunnels

Are you interested to add ClickFunnels to your marketing arsenal? The next step is to sign up for a free 14 day trial by clicking here. Want step by step guidance and training first? Sign up for the funnel hacks web class.

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